Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

5 06 2007

Emirates Palace

Entry contributed by Filly.

Another hotel that I stayed during my trip to Dubai, or more appropriate a palace, the Emirates Palace of Abu Dhabi. I remember there was a forward email about this Emirates Palace saying that its the residence of one of the Arabs Prince. Well I can tell you it isn’t, although it is fit for a prince/princess. My first impression of this hotel would have to be of this expression – *speechless* . Yes it’s simply is in a class of its own. Just take a look for yourself…

Emirates Palace

EP bedroom EP Dining EP Tv

All I can say is that never in my wildest dream that I’d experience staying at this luxurious place since I know I could never afford it because I heard even just a coke will cost you probably around 30 to 50 USD, if I’m not mistaken. But I must say the downside of the Emirates Palace would be that you can get lost easily because the palace is so huge that getting back to your room could be quite a walkathon. But then again, don’t worry about getting lost because they will assign each one of you a butler. Now I’m sure when the word butler is mentioned, you’d quickly picture Alfred from Batman or Mr. Belvedere. Nope you don’t get the old men type but instead the butler is a lady (mine looks like Shakira!) with a very nice and unique uniform looking to show you your room and how everything in your room operates. Men would definately love this. Oh, one of the unique thing about the room is the coin shaped key (middle pic below).

EP bathroom EP Key EP seaview

So do you really still need my ratings? Ok I’ll say 7 stars out of 5. Hehe…

The Emirates Palace is part of the Kempinski Group which also owns The Kempinski Mall of Emirates.

Note: Main pics taken from The Emirates Palace main website. Thumbnails are taken by Filly.

Posted by Andrew Rijley