Villarica Park Lake Hotel, Pucon, Chile

3 06 2007

Sun-rise over Villarica Lake

It may seems forever to reach the hotel especially if you come from Asia. Once you reach Santiago, you have to take a flight to Temoco and an hour’s drive to Pucon. Once you reached Pucon, you will appreciate the beauty of the place with the lake in front of you and Mount Villarica in your background.

Villarica Park Late Hotel is not the only hotel in Pucon but one of the best there.

A total of 70 rooms with two swimming pools, a spa. gym and other amenities and lovely view of the Villarica Lake. The Hotel is packed especially in the Summer where the Chileans will come and spend their summer here.

Food is great with international cuisine and local Chilean wines to suit your choice of meals.
While you are there, you can visit Mount Villarica and many of the “thermas” or hot spring around the area.

Definitely 5 out of 5.

Post by Georgious Papardous
Outdoor PoolSwimming Pool SpaRoom accomodation Hotel and lakeMount Villarica in the background of the hotel Hotel Building